30 Unique Facts About Bulgaria That You Didn’t Know

30 Unique Facts About Bulgaria That You Didn’t Know


Unique Facts About Bulgaria: There is, therefore, a trend with facts concerning countries, and few of our Bulgarian members decided to give you 30 facts concerning Bulgaria. So, if you were one of those who had no real chance to learn about Bulgaria, it might be interesting to know more about this beautiful country. These Bulgarian facts will show you their research, culture, nature, geography, etc., and we assume you did not know about 90 percent of them so thank you. Therefore, if you ever decide to travel to Bulgaria you can find some wonderful 30 details.

Unique Facts About Bulgaria

It can definitely be overwhelming when you try to communicate with a person who does not speak English, however happily, many of them recognize that they do not have an idea. Nevertheless, Bulgaria is one of a few countries in the world where a nodding of their head implies ‘ yes ‘ or a nod means ‘ no. ‘

30 Unique Facts About Bulgaria That You Must Know

1. Bulgaria is the only country in Europe which, since it was created, has not changed its name. In 681 AD this happened.

2. Bulgaria was the oldest gold treasure in the world (3,000 gold objects from over 6,000 years have been found in 294 graves).

3. Bulgarians shake their heads to mean “yes.”

4. The Bulgarian folkloric song “Ill e Delju Haydutin” was sent in deep space by the Bulgarian folk music singer Valya Balkanska on the board of the American Speech Space Song-Voyager I-a message to an alien intelligence as part of our culture’s finest collection.

5. Only Bulgarian soil can be contained Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, a bacterium that has the unique flavor and quality of Bulgarian yogurt.

6. In the war, the Bulgarian army never lost a flag.

7. John Vincent Atanasoff was a Bulgarian physicist and inventor, best known for inventing the first digital electronic computer.

8. Founded in forests, almost one-third of Bulgaria is covered.

9. Much (70-85%) of rose oil in the “Rose Valley” of Bulgaria is produced–an ingredient in the majority of scents.

10. Eight. It is the first Slavic orthodox church in Bulgaria.

Unique Facts About Bulgaria That You Must Know [2020]

11. Eleven. On 1 January 2007, Bulgaria’s accession to the EU turned Cyrillic into the EU’s third official alphabet.

12. During the First Balkan War, the Bulgarian Air Force invented the first air weapon in military history, and it was used by Lieut on 16 October 1912. Milkov and Lieut, Radul. Lieut. Tarakchiev Prodan.

13. 13. The Rila Cross is a wooden cross of over 1,500 numbers, and 140 miniature scenes of the Bible. The biggest of them is just a grain of rice.

14. Stefka Kostadinova achieved the incredible 2.09 meters high jump in the World Championships in Rome. There have been 28 years and this mark has not been surpassed or broken by any other individual.

15.FIV. Yordanka Donkova owns another world record in a hurdle of 100 meters. The mark was not surpassed for 27 years with a duration of 12.21 minutes.

16.  Bulgarian actor Zahary Bacharov has a role in the fifth season of HBO’s hit TV series “Game of Thrones” as tribal leader Loboda.

17. The old Bulgarian calendar was declared the most accurate in the world by UNESCO in 1976.

18. Rayna Kasabova was the first Bulgarian air force pilot in the world to take part in a military flight.

19. Vanga is a well-known Prophet in Bulgaria. Many of her observations are known to have occurred.

20. The Cyrillic writing was developed by followers of the Greek brothers Cyril and Methodius in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 9th century AD in the Preslav literary school. The Bulgarian St. Clement of Ohrid is often related to the Cyrillic.

Bulgaria Facts: Amazing And Interesting Facts About Bulgaria

Unique Facts About Bulgaria

21. Orpheus spent his life in ancient Bulgaria in the legendary Thracian singer. The Daughter of Oeagros, the Lord of the Nile, is Orpheus.

22. Rakia is alcohol with pears, raisins or apricots made from fermentation. It is a popular beverage from Bulgaria and is usually eaten along with shopska.

23. The Bulgarians celebrate every first day in March a unique holiday called Baba Marta (Big Mother March). Local people are exchanging martinets or white and red yarn tassels.

24. Every year a Roses Festival is held in the town of Kazanlak, and a girl is called “the Rose Princess.” Festivities feature street processions, folklore festivals, art shows, wine degustations, displays, and other events.

25. The Balkan and Rhodope Mountains are the two most prominent mountain ranges in Bulgaria.

26. Rila Monastery in Bulgaria houses a wooden cross featuring 140 Bible microscopic scenes. Of the 1,500 estimates, the highest is less than corn. This is only one of Bulgaria’s many places of interest.

27. Bulgaria is the third Eastern European country with the highest biodiversity ranking. It contains more than 3,500 species of vascular plants and almost 415 species of birds.

28. Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, has the nickname of “Raste none look.” It’s “rising, but not aging” in English.

29. Registered Bulgarian is the country’s language. The Cyrillic script is printed.

30. One of the oldest Bulgarian customs is fire dancing (Nestinarstvo). Today in several settings in the Strandzha Mountains it is still performed. Bulgarians provide state-supported primary and secondary education. The literacy rate in the country is 98%.

Amazing And Interesting Facts About Bulgaria

Unique Facts About Bulgaria


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